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U-ditch is a type of precast concrete that is used for waterways and irrigation. The function offered by the u-ditch makes it possible to deliver or distribute water with various volumes of water discharge according to the size of the u-ditch capacity. When viewed from the shape of the u-ditch has a shape like the letter U, this u-ditch also has a closing feature called the u-ditch cover.
There are two types of u-ditch that we can find on the market.
1. U-ditch Type Heavy Duty
This type of U-ditch is made with the need for strength to withstand the load above it so that this type of U-ditch often uses a cap. In its manufacture, the heavy duty type of u-ditch is given a bone iron inside to make it sturdy. Its application is often on roadside drains which are also used as sidewalks.
2. U-ditch Type Light Duty
This type of u-ditch is made without using bone iron in it because this type of u-ditch is intended only for waterways so that in its application this type of u-ditch does not use a lid or is called an open water channel. These things make the light-duty u-ditch cheaper than the heavy-duty type.
Companies that supply materials and materials have appeared recently, but to save time and costs contractors must choose a company that has the equipment and materials and construction materials. CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a company that provides construction materials and materials. One example is precast concrete such as U-ditch. We provide complete u-ditch with various types and sizes.

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