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Strip plate is a type of steel plate in the form of a sheet that extends like a wooden plank, only the width is shorter, the standard is 150 mm wide. This strip plate is classified as steel which has a little carbon element so it is more flexible than ordinary iron plate. Other constituent elements are chrome, silicon, nickel, molybdenum and iron.
In its application, strip iron is often used in the construction and fabrication fields such as making spokes on fences, furniture trellis, harmonica doors, furniture or household furniture and so on.
Here are some types of strip plate sizes
• Strip plate 3/16 "x 3/4" x 5.4 m, 2 mm thick, 15 mm wide, 5.4 m long, 1.27 kg weight.
• 5 mm x 3/4 "x 5.4 m strip plate, 3 mm thick, 15 mm wide, 5.4 m long, 1.91 Kg weight.
• 6 mm x 1 "x 5.4 m strip plate, 4 mm thick, 20 mm wide, 5.4 m long, 3.39 kg weight.
• Strip plate 6 mm x 1 1/4 "x 5.4 m, 4 mm thick, 25 mm wide, 5.4 m long, 4.24 Kg in weight.
• 8 mm x 1 1/2 "x 5.4 m strip plate, 6 mm thick, 33 mm wide, 5.4 m long, 8.39 Kg weight.
• Strip plate 10 mm x 50 mm x 6 m, 10 mm thick, 50 mm wide, 6 m long, 23.55 kg weight.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has been a supplier for many years and has helped meet the needs of clients and contractors in their needs for construction materials and materials, in addition to construction there is also a demand for fabrication and iron manufacturing which uses a lot of steel as a request, one of which is a plate strip. Therefore we have provided various sizes of this strip plate.

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