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Bordes plate is one type of steel plate that is made with a pattern on its surface which aims to be anti-slip or so that it is not slippery when stepped on. From this we can know that the landing plate is used as a stepping floor for several things such as factory floors, stair floors are also used on the floor of the back of a pickup car.
There are two types of borders based on the coating, namely galvanized borders and stainless borders, these two layers function to make the borders more resistant to rust and corrosion.
Here are the sizes of the bordes that are often found on the market.
• Size 2.0 mm x 4 'x 8' weighs 51.7 kg.
• Size 2,3 mm x 4 'x 8' weighs 59 Kg.
• Size 3 mm x 4 'x 8' weighs 75 Kg.
• Size 3.2 mm x 4 'x 8' has a weight of 79.6 Kg.
• Size 4.5 mm x 4 'x 8' weighs 110 kg.
• Size 6 mm x 4 'x 8' weighs 145 kg.
• Size 8 mm x 4 'x 8' weighs 192 Kg.
• Size 9 mm x 4 'x 8' weighs 215 Kg.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has a workshop for iron fabrication and manufacturing. So that very often we need an iron plate, therefore to meet the needs of the company, we decided to become a supplier for various kinds of building materials and materials, one of which is the border plate used in several parts of the construction of the pebrik building. This has been going on for years so that our company has been trusted by contractors in Medan to meet their needs.

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