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Iron plate is a type of iron in sheet form that has various thicknesses and sizes. As iron that has a flat cross section or surface, plate iron has a standard size of 4 x 8 feet with a thickness of about 0.6 to 50 mm.
Iron plate has various functions or uses such as for coating or as a base to its use in making tanks by rolling the plate iron. In general, plate iron in the market is formed from structural steel which has a low carbon element, this causes plate iron to be more flexible. Apart from its flexibility, strength and durability that iron has, this material has many uses in construction as well as in fabrication.
There are several types of plate iron available in the market in general, namely:
1. Black plate, used as a reinforcement or a holder on a steel profile material can also be used as a raw material for making tanks.
2. Flower plate, used as a base or floor, such as on stairs, vehicle floors like buses, public transport and trains.
3. Ship plates, used in the manufacture, installation and repair of ships can also be used in fabrication.
4. Strip plate, used in fences, windows, trellis and other security constructions.
5. Bordes plate, its use is almost the same as the flower plate which is often used in the construction of a staircase floor.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a company that provides construction materials and materials. As a supplier, our company has assisted contractors and clients in providing construction materials and materials, for example the plate iron we provide has several types and qualities that will meet the wishes of clients in its construction. We have many types for plate iron from plain to border plate.

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