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Steel plate has become a material that is always needed in fabrication and iron work, because of its function as a coating for a steel frame. There are various types and shapes and brands of this steel plate. The following are the types of steel plates along with a brief explanation:
• Base plate or black plate is commonly used as reinforcement and holder of profile material.
• Ship plate is a plate with a high level of corrosion resistance so that it is suitable in its application for various parts of ship installations.
• Strip plate or strip plate, this plate is elongated in different shape from other iron plates whose length and width are not too different. The length of the strip plate is generally 6 meters with various widths ranging from 19 mm to 200 mm. The advantage of strip plate is its high ability to bend.
• Flower plate has a rough surface to minimize the potential for slipping, because of its use which is generally used for floors and steps.
• Bordes plate is a plate with an imprint on its surface which is called bordes. The mold looks like a wicker that is a cross of horizontal and vertical lines. The flower plate also has the same print, only it is sharper and the border plate is smoother.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has been a provider of various materials and materials to help with construction, we also accept fabrication and repair services. In the manufacture of steel plate, it is almost always the material used, so we have become a distributor and supplier for various products and types of steel plates.

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