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Hollow pipe is a type of iron pipe that is square in shape, this iron is also often used in home construction and the manufacture of home furniture. In the market there are 2 types of hollow iron based on their coating or coating, namely galvanized hollow iron and hollow galvalum iron. These two layers are useful for protecting hollow iron from rust and corrosion and heat. As for the differences based on the elements zinc and aluminum are as follows:
1. Galvanized hollow iron consists of 98 percent zinc and 2 percent aluminum elements.
2. Hollow galvalum iron consists of 45 percent zinc and 55 percent aluminum elements.
The following is a list of sizes and weights of hollow iron.
• Hollow iron pipe 20 mm X 20 mm X 1.8 mm X 6 m, has a weight of 6.78 kg.
• Hollow iron pipe 20 mm X 40 mm X 2.0 mm X 6 m, weighs 11.30 kg.
• Hollow iron pipe 25 mm X 25 mm X 1.8 mm X 6 m, weighs 8.48 kg.
• Hollow iron pipe 25 mm X 50 mm X 1.8 mm X 6 m, has a weight of 12.72 kg.
• Hollow iron pipe 100 mm X 150 mm X 4.5 mm X 6 m, weighs 105.98 kg.
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