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Iron pipe is a type of construction iron that is shaped like a pipe and there is also a square pipe. Iron pipes are generally sought by determining the thickness and diameter of the pipe and its length. For its own use, iron pipes are used as a means of channeling water, chemicals, waste or petroleum materials such as oil and so on. In addition, iron pipes can also be used as a support for ceilings and trellis.
For this type of iron pipe generally has five types, namely:
1. Galvanized Pipe or Galvanized Pipe
This pipe is made of mild steel with a layer of zinc on the outside and inside of the pipe. Generally used in construction, especially such as drains or railings (handrails) stairs.
2. Hollow pipe
This pipe has a slightly different shape, that is, the pipe is in the shape of a rectangle instead of a circle. Generally used as a binder of the main construction materials such as iron plate and galvanum as well as gypsum.
3. Seamless pipe
This pipe is the iron pipe that is most often found. Seamless pipe is often equated with welded pipe, but the difference is in its manufacture, namely by heating the iron and pressing the inside to form a pipe because of this process the surface of the resulting iron pipe will have a smoother appearance.
4. Oval pipe
This pipe has an oval shape not a circle nor a square. Made from a mixture of stainless iron and chrome which makes this type of pipe resistant to corrosion. In its use, this iron pipe is often used in the automotive industry, namely in the exhaust section, other uses are in household furniture.
5. Welded Pipe
This pipe is often equated with a seamless pipe but there is a difference in appearance, namely that sometimes you will see a line along the surface of the pipe this occurs because the result of the manufacturing stage is by connecting the iron plate with a special welding tool vertically.
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