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Paving blocks are one type of ground surface coating in the form of a rectangular concrete cast or other form which is interlocked. Paving blocks are often used as a base in a yard for aesthetic purposes. There are several advantages of paving blocks including.
• Can absorb water from between the installed paving blocks.
• Does not moss quickly like ceramics.
• Ease of maintenance.
• Easy to install and remove.
• Easy to replace when a part is damaged.
• Has many variations of unique colors and shapes.
In addition, there are several types of paving blocks that are often seen in the market.
1. Bentik Bata, has a splash shape like a brick.
2. The shape of a bishop, has a shape like a bishop's hat, which is like a combination of a rectangle with an equilateral triangle above it.
3. Trihex shape, has the form of a combination of 3 hexagons to form a triangle.
4. The shape of the hexagon, has a hexagon or hexagon shape that is similar to a trihex but only one not three.
5. Worm shape, has a shape like a brick but each side forms a wave.
6. Shape of grass, has various shapes but the most obvious characteristic is the hole in the middle of the paving block arrangement which is meant for the growth of grass.
Being one of the most complete suppliers in the city of Medan makes CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa can provide and fulfill all the needs of clients and contractors. One of them is Precast Concrete, namely paving blocks, one of these printed concrete can be supplied by us with various types of variants of shapes, colors and sizes as well as the quality of the printed products. In its provision, Kali has paving blocks of the best quality at quite expensive prices and paving blocks at low prices.

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