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Services Description Cheap Supplier of Wire Counters or Weldedmesh in Medan

Loket wire is a type of iron wire which is formed from vertical and horizontal wires that cross each other to form a square net. This wire generally has high corrosion resistance due to the layer of the wire. This wire is often used to serve as fence wire and this wire is also great for special welding.
There are three types of wire counters based on the layers.
1. Galvanized Loket Wire, this type of wire is galvanized coated wire which will make the wire resistant to corrosion and anti-rust. Its application is often used for wire fencing, window coverings or vents.
2. Steinless Steel Loket Wire, this wire is made of steinless steel which has a higher quality than other types of iron and has high anti-rust properties as well.
3. Green PVC Loket Wire, this wire uses PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) liquid to coat the iron wire which makes it more resistant to fire compared to other types of wire.
The advantage of wire counters is that the joints use a special welding technique that makes them strong in every joint, even if they are cut at the bottom of the box segment.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has become a supplier for building materials and materials, one of which is iron wire. We provide all types of building iron wire with several variants and qualities that will affect the price. From top quality to low price, we can provide it.

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