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Harmonic wire is a type of iron wire that is made by weaving it by a special machine, this machine will twist a wire and then connect it to another wire that has been twisted and then each end of the wire will be bent so that it does not come loose, this is done continuously to form a sheet a net with a hole in the shape of a rectangle or rhombus, finally if the sheet of net has reached a certain length it will be rolled.
Harmonica wire is generally used as a fence by attaching it to an iron pole which will support it to form a fence.
There are 2 types of harmonica wires that are distinguished based on the outer layer.
1. PVC Harmonica Wire, namely the wire will be coated with Polyvinyl chloride liquid which will make the wire resistant to heat.
2. Galvanized Harmonica Wire, namely the wire will be coated with a zinc-iron alloy which will make the wire more resistant to rust.
The advantages of using a harmonica wire are:
• Easy to find and find
• Easy to cut
• The price is quite cheap
• Installation is practical and easy
• Multifunction
• Durable
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a supplier of complete materials and materials in Medan City, one of which is iron wire, especially harmonica wire. We provide harmonica wires of various brands and qualities. You can find high-quality and high-quality harmonica wires to low-priced harmonica wires.

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