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Razor wire or also known as razor wire is one type of iron wire used in construction, especially in the field of security. This wire is usually used on concrete fences, wall fences or other fences, also used in the ground by being given several layers as a posse as is often used by the police when there are demonstrations or demonstrations.
Razor wire itself is a development of razor wire with a higher wire strength so that it will be difficult to break or cut because there is a stronger tensile strength than razor wire. This wire also has various types of thorns which are different from razors which only have 2 spines on the wire. Razor wire is sold in the form of rollers or per meter and how to use it is
• The first way, tie each end of the wire with something using a clamp plate and then pull the two sides.
• The second way, by attaching each end to an iron post cast into a concrete fence or wall fence, each iron post has a certain distance, so that it will form a fence.
There are several types of razor wire found in the market, namely:
1. Razor Wire (Razor Wire) type BTO 22 Double
2. Razor Wire (Razor Wire) type BTO 30 Double
3. Razor Wire (Razor Wire) type CBT 60 Single Coil
4. Razor Wire type CBT 60 Double
5. Razor Wire (Razor Wire) type CBT 65 Single Coil
6. Razor Wire (Razor Wire) type CBT 65 Double
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa can provide razor wire of various types and various qualities according to the price, so if you need iron wire, especially razor wire, you can immediately contact us, besides that we also provide various materials and other construction materials and one of the most complete in Medan. .

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