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Iron wire is a wire made of iron, the thickness and strength of the wire is adjusted according to its function and several wires have been processed to form a product with a different purpose from the beginning. In contrast to steel wire which is widely used in shipping, iron wire is used for everyday purposes.
The following are the types of wire used for household and property purposes.
1. Harmonica wire is an iron wire woven in a flat box to form a wire fence. Harmonica wire is often found with 2 types of coating, namely galvanized pelavis and PVC coating. Galvanized coating gives harmonica wire the ability to resist corrosion while PVC coating gives harmonica wire durability for longer.
2. Wire Loket or also called weldedmesh is a type of wire that is produced from a special welding technique and with special quality iron materials so as to produce a wire that is better than other wires. For wire coating, it has 3 types of coating, namely Galvanized, green PVC and stainless steel.
3. Barbed wire is a wire made by twisting 2 pieces of wire of which 1 wire will be cut to a certain length to form a thorn from the base of the wire to the end of the wire. Its function is clear for safety.
4. Razor Wire or Razor Wire is a wire that has the same function as razor wire, the difference is that this wire has a part that is designed to form a razor from the base to the end of the wire, this wire is also galvanized so that it is not easy to corrode.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a supplier in Medan City that provides various types of construction materials and construction materials, one of which is iron wire. There are many types of iron wire that we have and of course all of them are of SNI standard with the prices we offer are cheap and competitive with other suppliers.

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