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Services Description Cheap and Quality Culvert Box Supplier in Medan

Box culvert is a type of precast concrete that is shaped like a box with holes on two opposite sides to form a square pipe. The use of this box culvert is to channel culverts in the ground or to support short bridges.
The specifications of a box culvert can be seen from:
1. Material, quality box culverts are formed using high quality concrete types.
2. SNI standard, box culvert is made by following the principles that have been set on the product, for Indonesia we follow the SNI standard.
3. Concrete Quality, in making box culverts we usually use the standard quality of concrete is K350.
4. Size, in the box culvert size specification is the most varied. According to the needs of the box culvert size will vary.
The general functions and uses of the box culvert are as follows:
1. Its use in underground constructions such as underground drains, tunnels, railway culverts and so on.
2. The resistance of the box culvert to groundwater is due to the sides that are attached properly using a spigot and socket connection.
3. The speed in a construction is obtained because the box culvert only needs to install it and close it between one box culvert and another, no need to build a foundation, cast floors and so on.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has a box culvert printing service and we have produced many box culverts using our printouts and the results are satisfactory. So if you need a box culvert you can order it from us, or you can buy our print and produce it yourself.

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