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Precast concrete is a building material in the form of a printed (precast) product made of reinforced concrete. There are various forms of precast concrete with their respective uses. This precast concrete is made by pouring mixed concrete into a mold that has been equipped with steel bones in it as a concrete binder.
Here are the types of precast concrete with their respective functions.
1. U-Ditch is a type of precast concrete that has a cross-sectional shape like the letter U. The function of this precast concrete is to channel water such as drainage, sewage and irrigation. Which u-ditch will protect the soil from being eroded by water flow.
2. Box Culvert is a type of precast concrete that has a shape like a pipe but not a circle but a square. It functions the same as the u-ditch but the box culvert is usually used in the ground for culverts. This precast concrete can also be used as a support for short bridges.
3. Paving Block is a type of precast concrete which is generally shaped like a brick, but there are other forms that are more varied and beautiful. The function of precast concrete is to cover the surface of the ground to make it harder, such as cast concrete and asphalt, the difference is that paving blocks can absorb water from between and are more beautiful.
4. Road Barrier is a type of precast concrete which is triangular in shape when viewed from the side. Its function is as a barrier on the highway.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a construction service provider company. During the construction of various projects, the company has received several civil works for waterways construction. The results we display are very satisfying and the prices we offer are fairly cheap because the precast concrete material we use is our own so it saves construction costs. It's all because of CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa also provides supplier services for various types of precast concrete.

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