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Angle iron is a type of construction iron that is 90 degrees elbow, this iron is also made of scrap and billet materials. For those who don't know, scrap is recycled iron from the results of combustion into new iron, while for billets it is iron rods produced from casting iron ore.
There are several types of angle iron with their respective uses.
1. Equilateral angle iron is a type of angle iron which has the same side length for both sides. This angle iron forms an angle of 90 degrees.
2. Non-equilateral angle iron is a type of angle iron which both sides have different lengths and have an angle of 45 degrees.
3. Hole angle iron is a type of angle iron whose surface has a hole on one side and on both sides.
Several projects that require the role of the angle iron, namely:
• Construction of an iron ladder.
• On the window trellis.
• Fence construction.
• Tower or water tower.
• Support structures in the walls.
• Iron rack construction.
• Metal door frame.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is one of the largest and most comprehensive suppliers or suppliers of building materials and materials in the city of Medan. Therefore we can also provide all types of iron including angle iron of various sizes and types as well as the quality that the client wants at competitive prices. From the best quality angle iron to the lowest price angle iron you can find at our place.

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