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Iron nako is an iron rod or iron axle in the shape of a box, not a circle. This iron is often used in fabrication or construction. This iron does not have a cavity like hollow iron in that it is solid.
Examples of use are:
1. Used as a machining material in fabrication.
2. Used as decoration materials such as furniture and others.
3. Used for window trellis or fences.
There are 4 types of iron nako, namely:
• Plain nako iron.
• Threaded iron nako.
• Rolled iron nako.
• Embossed iron nako.
As for the size and weight as follows:
 Size 3/8 "x 3/8" x 6 M (9 mm x 9 mm) weighs 4.0 Kg.
 Size 1/2 "x 1/2" x 6 M (12 mm x 12 mm) weighs 7.0 Kg.
 Size 5/8 "x 5/8" x 6 M (16 mm x 16 mm) weighs 12.0 Kg.
 Size 3/4 "x 3/4" x 6 M (19 mm x 19 mm) weighs 17.1 Kg.
 Size 7/8 "x 7/8" x 6 M (22 mm x 22 mm) weighs 22.8 Kg.
 Size 1 "x 1" x 6 M (25 mm x 25 mm) weighs 30.0 Kg.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has collaborated a lot with steel and material producers and factories to meet the needs of consumers and contractors in construction materials and materials, one of which is most often needed is steel. Many types of steel are used in various needs during construction. For example, iron nako. Our company has become a supplier of iron nako with various types and sizes so that it can be considered one of the most complete suppliers in the city of Medan.

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