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Concrete iron is iron used in concrete structures, namely the binder in reinforced concrete. As the iron that becomes the bone in the concrete structure, this iron is shaped like an iron axle which has a small diameter and this concrete iron has two types, namely plain concrete iron and screw concrete iron.
As the name implies, screwed concrete iron has threads like fish fins on the surface from top to bottom while for plain concrete iron does not have any carving, aka plain, of course, these two concrete irons have SNI standards.
Based on its nature, plain iron is easier to bend so that it is easier to use and install, this concrete iron is suitable for construction of buildings that have bent parts, for example dome houses. Plain concrete iron also has a cheaper price so it is more often used or purchased by ordinary people.
Whereas for screw concrete, it has a higher binding characteristic as well as high resistance to pressure, this concrete iron is suitable for buildings because it requires high durability so that this concrete iron is more often used or purchased by contractors.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has been a supplier of construction materials and materials for many years. Of the many types of construction materials and materials, one of them is concrete iron. Concrete iron is also often used by companies when carrying out concrete construction projects so that the quality has been tested and the price offered is also fairly cheap in Medan City.

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