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There are many types and forms of steel which are of course to fulfill the functions and needs of each in construction and ironwork. As we know, steel is a type of hard metal that is widely used in modern construction because its sturdiness and strength can make buildings durable and stronger. This is also what encouraged the era of multi-storey buildings or skyscrapers.
Here are some types of steel, which include:
1. Concrete iron, this type of steel that is needed for concrete to be stronger in holding the building, it is all due to its function to bind and is also the bone of the concrete structure.
2. Iron pipe, is a type of steel used to distribute combustible mining materials such as petroleum, oil and gas.
3. Iron plate, is a type of steel that has great uses in the industrial field. Many objects were made of iron plate.
4. Iron Elbow, usually used in making home appliance frames such as racks and others.
5. Iron CNP and UNP, this type of steel has their respective uses in a construction, such as support for walls and others.
6. H Neam, is a type of steel that has high strength even among steel, it is usually used as a bone in steel construction buildings.
Apart from the six above, there are many other types that have appeared on the market such as wiremesh, wf iron, hollow iron and others.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has been a supplier of steel for a long time. Various types of steel are available here with various brands of quality, size and all types we provide, at competitive prices with other suppliers in Medan City. So for those of you who are looking for materials or materials for buildings and steel structures, please contact us immediately.

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