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Steel is the hardest metal used in construction today. This makes almost all building constructions require iron as a strong and durable reinforcing material. Therefore, many types of steel can be found in the market. For the type of steel used in construction, especially structural type steel.
There are several types of structural steel based on their composition, namely:
1. Carbon Steel is formed from carbon classified as low, medium and high based on the amount of carbon in it.
2. Alloy steel is formed by adding certain elements to increase the mechanical properties and durability of the steel when a chemical reaction occurs.
3. Special Alloy Steel just like alloy steel, this steel adds special elements to increase the strength, durability and hardness of steel. Elements added such as nickel and chromium.
4. High Speed ​​Steel is steel that is used specifically for cutting tools because of its superiority in operating speed.
Based on its use, there are 2 types of steel, namely:
• Construction steel is steel used as building material for construction purposes.
• Tool steel is a type of steel that is used as a material for making tool tools. This steel is heat resistant, strong and can be sharpened.
As a steel supplier, CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has become the trust of many contractors in Medan because of the quality of the materials we offer. Listen to the relatively cheap prices, we can compete with other suppliers. Apart from that, the equipment that we have is also a measure of our reliability in providing the materials and materials needed by the contractor.

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