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Tool steel is a type of alloy steel that is used as steel for everyday tools or tools. This steel is required to have high quality. There are two types of steel based on the alloy, namely alloyed steel and unalloyed steel.
Alloyed steel is steel that is mixed with other elements while unalloyed steel is carbon steel or steel without a mixture of other elements. In its use, steel is divided into cold working, hot working and high speed working.
This tool steel has several characteristics, namely:
1. Non-forming tools, namely steel that does not have a change in shape or if there is insignificant.
2. High hardening, that is, steel has hardness in all parts.
3. Strength is intended for strength to withstand the load so that it does not break.
4. Resistance to abrasion, namely its resistance to abrasion when there is friction.
5. Red hardness is intended for steel with resistance to high temperatures or heat.
6. Machinability means the steel when cut will produce a smooth surface.
7. Resistance to decarburation, namely the event of increasing carbon in steel.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has been a tool steel supplier for a long time and has met all of its clients' needs for that steel. The quality that we provide can be adjusted to the desired price from high quality to low price we can provide.

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