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Construction steel are the types of steel used for construction needs. There are many types of steel which have different qualities. The uses of these steels in steel construction vary according to their respective functions.
The following types of steel and their role in steel construction:
1. Steel WF or Wide Flange is steel in the form of capital I which is used as a beam and column of building building blocks.
2. UNP steel or U channel steel has almost the same function as WF steel, the difference being that it is easier to bend.
3. CNP or Lipped Channel steel is steel with a C shape when viewed from the side. Used in the roof cover holder (purlin), the frame for architectural components.
4. H-Beam steel is steel with an H shape which has the same use as WF steel as in composite beam and cantilever canopy.
5. Black plate steel is steel sheet or plate that can be used as a base or steel wall that can also be rolled which is generally used for tank walls.
6. Iron Elbow is steel in the form of a long 90 degree elbow. Commonly used as a side shelf for perforated angle iron.
7. Steel Pipe is steel pipe for its use as a material for distributing petroleum. Like gas and oil.
8. T-Beam or Hot Rolled steel is a T-shaped steel. This steel is often used as a flange to withstand compressive stress.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has been a construction service company for years and has also been a supplier of construction materials and materials, one of the most frequently needed by contractors, namely construction steel, so our company has collaborated with various construction steel producers and became a supplier to the region. Medan and its surroundings.

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