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Steel is a metal material that has very high hardness and is also sturdy, so it is always used to build tall buildings such as buildings and others. This is called steel construction. Not only for buildings, steel construction is also used to build other facilities such as bridges or towers.
The steels that are most often used in steel construction are wf steel and h-beam steel.
1. Steel WF (wide flanger) is steel that has resistance to pressure and tension, this steel also has a slightly lighter weight than others and with a high density making it a suitable steel in building steel frame buildings.
2. H-Beam steel (hot rolled) is steel that is produced by using a hot rolling process which is then pressed and welded. This steel shape is like the letter H when viewed from the side. In its use, it is often used in bridge construction.
These two steels are often used together when building post structures in buildings. The difference that can be seen from the two is in the dimensions and popularity. For wf steel dimensions 200 mm x 100 mm with the shape of the wider ear dimensions while for steel h-beam dimensions the dimensions are 100 mm x 100 mm with the shape dimensions of the width of the body with the same ears.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a supplier in the city of Medan that can provide the materials and construction materials you want, especially for h-beam steel and steel wf there are many brands we provide, some are of high quality and some are cheap. With our competitive prices, we have become a supplier for many development projects around the city of Medan.

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