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Spandex roof is one type of house construction roof that is often used in the construction of modern homes today because it is sturdier, more beautiful and easy to shape. The spandex roof is made from a mixture of 43% zinc and 55% aluminum and the remaining silicon material. This mixture is what results in the malleability and sturdiness of the spandex roof, there are also various colors and shapes of this spandex roof.

Some of the advantages that are obtained when using a spandex roof.

Even though the spandex roof is thin, the mixed materials that form it make this roof unbreakable and has termite and insect repellent properties.
One of the charms of spandex roof is its beauty, spandex roof is offered in many colors compared to other roofs.
The robustness of the spandex roof is also the reason it is used for residential construction.
Contractors are very interested in this spandex roof because its simple shape makes it easy for contractors to install it.
The safety of the spandex roof in handling strong winds is due to its very streamlined shape.
The ability to reflect the sun's heat will make a residential house cooler and less hot like a tin roof.
Higher ability to deal with heat so it will be difficult to burn.
Environmentally friendly materials make this roof recyclable.

CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa provides supplier services for various types of construction materials and materials to make it easier for you to get these materials, especially in Medan City. Especially for spandex roofs, we provide various types and colors of various brands of spandex roofing.

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