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In addition to the roofs that are used for various kinds of buildings and houses, there are types of roofs that are used because of their ability not to block light or transparent roofs. This is a type of plastic roof and has various variants based on the additives for making this plastic roof.
The following are the types of plastic roofs, namely:
• Polycarbonate, this plastic roof is composed of polymer material so that the roof will have high clarity but can withstand UV rays.
• Fiber, is a type of plastic roof composed of glass fiber and polyester fiber so that even though it is transparent, the roof is still durable.
• PVC, is a type of translucent roof that has clarity that is not too high or semi-transparent. This roof has excellent flexibility, making it easy to use.
• uPVC, in terms of clarity, this roof is the same as PVC but what distinguishes it is its resistance to UV radiation and has the ability to reduce sound, but this makes uPVC roof stiffer than PVC.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a service company to build and provide construction materials and materials. One of them is a transparent roof or a type of plastic roof, this roof is a bit difficult to find that has good quality, but our company can provide various good brands and various types of plastic roofing.

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