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Metal roof is a roof that has high resistance to fire and also against other weather such as wind. Besides that, the appearance that is given also looks elegant with the various colors on offer.
Here are the types of metal roofs or tiles:
1. Metal Standing Steam roof, has a line appearance and uses an interlock system in its installation, which is to join the tile with the frame directly.
2. Metal Stainless Steel roof, this steinless roof will be very resistant to extreme weather
3. Metal Galvalume Steel roof, the roof will be coated with galvalume which will make it thicker and stronger and not rust quickly.
4. Copper Metal Roof, as the name implies, there is a mixture of copper in it which is usually used for distinctive and historical buildings such as houses of worship and museums. Its age can reach 100 years.
5. Sandy Metal Roof, has a unique mixture besides the roofing material, there is a mixture of rock powder which makes this roof heat-resistant and anti-collision and scratches.
6. Metal Millenium roof, made from the strongest material that can be used as a roof and has a futuristic and metallic appearance.
7. Metal Multiroof roof, made of zinc and aluminum so that it is rust resistant and has two layers of tile so it is stronger.
Construction materials and materials have always been in demand in the era of construction as it is today and are also always in contact by contractors. To minimize construction costs CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa also provides construction materials and materials to help make it easier to work on our projects and also the prices we offer will be cheaper because we or our clients don't have to pay more for the transportation of materials and materials needed.

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