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Steel wire is a collection of wires joined together by the twisting method, the wire that is twisted is usually thin before becoming a larger steel wire. Previously steel wire was only used for the shipping industry because of its function, namely:
• Tool for towing ships to and from the ship workshop.
• Towing damaged vessels to be towed to port.
• Cargo towing equipment.
• Towing tools for other parts of the ship, such as anchors and others.
The following are the types of wire that can be found in everyday life other than those used in shipping.
1. Elevator steel wire, as the name suggests, this steel wire is used for the operation of rising and falling elevators and elevators using a machine located on the pulley.
2. General steel wire is steel wire used for general work, this steel wire is most often used by many people. An example of the appearance is in steel construction. Other examples are towing, logging, fishing and others.
3. High performance steel wire is steel wire that is not much different from the general one, it's just that the quality is better and the size is smaller but the original strength does not change, in manufacturing this wire goes through a special process, namely pressing.
There are many different kinds of steel wires with various uses, so it's not surprising that sometimes it's difficult to find what we need. Therefore CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has become a supplier for many construction materials and materials, one of which is steel wire. The products we offer are of good quality and at competitive prices.

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