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The roof is one of the most important parts of the house, as important as the foundation walls and floors. The roof of a building will receive direct heat from the sun and rainwater, therefore a strong and durable roof is needed so that it does not often replace the roof of the building.
There are various types of roofs on the market, and we have summarized them into 6 roofs that are often used for house building.
1. uPVC roof
This roof has the ability to reduce the heat generated by the sun so that the room underneath will remain cool, this is based on the UV protection that is on the roof.
2. Clay tile roofs
It is a roof that has the advantage of high durability, and due to its thick product heat cannot penetrate this roof. Unfortunately this roof has difficulties in its installation so that if it is not an expert it will be prone to leaks.
3. Zinc roof
This roof is the lightest roof compared to other roofs and the cheapest too, but because the roof is made of metal it will conduct heat so that the room will feel very hot.
4. Asbestos roof
This roof is made of cement asbestos and has a high vulnerability so that it is easy to crack. Research also informs that asbestos roofs have a bad impact on health, so now it is very rare for buildings to use this roof.
5. Metal roof
This roof has the advantage of being resistant to fire and wind as well as its long durability. But because of the thinness of the roof, it will be very noisy when exposed to rainwater and it is also easy to dents and hit by something.
6. Spandek roof
This roof is now very much in demand by many people because it is easy to install and the various shapes and colors are very pleasing to the eye.
As a supplier of construction materials and materials, CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has helped many contractors, especially the roof installation section, there are various kinds of roofs provided in the market with various brands, all of which you can get from us at various prices according to the quality of the product.

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