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Renovation is an activity of renovating or updating a building such as a house, office, shop, shop, and others. According to the size of the building renovation work consists of three categories, namely minor renovations, moderate renovations and total renovations.
Minor renovations are renovations that don't need to change the shape of an object. For example, such as repainting, replacing damaged ceramics, replacing frames and doors or windows, or adding electrical installations and so on.
Renovation is a renovation to change an object that will more or less change the appearance of the building. For example, such as changing the size of the room, making a terrace, changing the fence, or increasing the number of rooms or rooms.
And lastly a total renovation is a renovation that will change almost the entire building, usually a total renovation consists of several moderate renovations. This generally takes at least two weeks. For example, changing the layout of a building, replacing the roof with a new floor or doing minor and moderate renovations of the entire building.
When viewed from the type of renovation consists of:
1. Structural renovation, namely changing the shape of the whole building or part of the building.
2. Material renovation, namely changing the material of a building object to make it stronger or more beautiful.
3. Layout renovation, namely changing the location of a room or building object to another place, it can also include adding or reducing rooms.
4. Display renovation, namely changing the style of a view or also changing the function of a room or building object.
From all categories of workmanship and types of renovation, CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa can carry out all types of renovations, of course with an experienced workforce. So immediately contact us.

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