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Formwork is a temporary cast that is used to hold the concrete cast when it is poured and formed according to the needs which will be dismantled again after casting is finished. Usually this print using wood and boards, there are also metal and iron. At the beginning of its manufacture, it must meet the requirements that when the concrete is hardened, the structure can withstand its own loads and other loads. The requirements are:
1. Strength
The formwork must be able to withstand the stress of the concrete poured into it.
2. Rigidity
The stiffness must not exceed the dimensions of the concrete surface by 0.3%.
3. Economical
The formwork should be made simply because of its temporary nature.
4. Easy to reinforce and dismantle
Since the formwork will be dismantled after the concrete has been hardened, it is necessary to design the formwork to be easy to dismantle and reinforce.
In addition to the previous requirements, formwork also has several types. Each of these types has its advantages according to the needs of a construction, as for the types are:
• Conventional formwork
• Semi system formwork (knock down)
• Formwork system (PERI)
• Fiberglass formwork
• Aluminum formwork
In the construction phase, the selection and installation of formwork is a complex stage because it will affect the quality of the construction, the cost and the time it takes to work. Therefore, it takes someone who is experienced in the construction field to choose and type of formwork and how the installation process is carried out. In this case CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa can help, with experienced workers and complete equipment, we can provide satisfaction to consumers with the results of our work.

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