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Services Description Cheap Concrete Casting Services in Medan City

Casting of concrete is a construction work by pouring concrete that has been mixed with water and sand in a mold that has a bone-iron structure in it. Generally, before casting, an inspection will be carried out to ensure that the bone and formwork are in accordance with the plan.
The planning before casting is as follows.
• Prepare complete equipment and safety equipment must be worn.
• Measured and calculated for the area to be cast.
• Make sure the steel bone and formwork is strong and sturdy so that they do not shift when the concrete is poured.
• Make sure the area to be casted is clean of trash and stagnant water.
• If it is necessary to embed other attributes such as expansion, joint, anchor and others, it must be installed correctly.
• Preparations must be approved by the Supervisory Board of Directors and carried out in accordance with applicable guidelines and standards
• Finally, before holding it, double check it after that you can pour the concrete cast.
• After the concrete that has been poured will harden, then clean and trim the surface and other parts to make it tidier and safer.
Concrete casting is divided into two based on the work done, namely casting concrete for beams and slabs; and casting concrete for columns and shearwall.
In the process of casting, professional personnel and quality materials are needed so that the building that will be finished will be sturdy and durable. Therefore, with the experience that the employees of CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa, we can guarantee the results of our concrete casting. We also provide casting materials and equipment rental at a suitable price.

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