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By definition asphalt is a hydrocarbon compound combined with other compounds such as chlorine, sulfur and oxygen in it, which is produced from natural ingredients in the form of petroleum. Meanwhile, in terms of construction, asphalt is a road coating that functions as a binder to the soil surface which is used by mixing it with other compounds such as minerals and bitumen.
In the manufacturing process asphalt is divided into 3 types:
• Natural asphalt is asphalt that is produced naturally, not through a manufacturing process. This type of asphalt consists of rock asphalt and lake asphalt. Rock asphalt is used by mixing softening oil with asphalt from rock that has undergone an extraction process. For the use of lake asphalt, it will go through a mixture process with hard asphalt in order to get the appropriate level of penetration.
• Artificial asphalt comes from refining crude oil which is usually called distillation. This type of asphalt consists of liquid asphalt, hard asphalt and emulsion asphalt. Liquid asphalt is produced by dissolving hard asphalt with oil solvent from the distillation process, for hard asphalt is produced from the residue of a simple distillation process on petroleum content. Emulsion asphalt is produced from hard asphalt emulsion which is a process of dispersion and separation of hard asphalt in water containing emulsifers.
• Modified asphalt, also known as polymer asphalt, is produced by mixing hard asphalt with other materials. There are 2 types of bitumen, namely polymer plastomer asphalt and polymer elastomeric asphalt. For the first, the additive functions to improve the physical properties of hard asphalt and its rheological properties, while for polymer elastomeric asphalt the additive will improve the rheological properties of hard asphalt which includes the softening point and elasticity of hard asphalt.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has provided road paving services with various types of asphalt that the client wants, this is due to the completeness we have and the reliability of our workers.

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