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Services Description Cheap infiltration well construction services in Medan

Infiltration wells are a type of method to prevent flooding by making holes in the soil surface that are intended to collect and absorb rainwater. Due to the high intensity of rain in Indonesia, many densely populated areas have made absorption wells as a countermeasure for heavy rainfall.
The following is a brief explanation of the benefits of infiltration wells.
• Adding water reserves to the soil. The point is to add water reserves in the ground, because according to research the number of boreholes will cause water reserves in the ground to decrease, especially in densely populated areas, so it is hoped that absorption wells will help fill the water shortage.
• Reducing the risk of flooding. In accordance with the previous explanation, the main function of receptacle wells is to reduce the intensity of surface water flow due to high rainfall.
• Preventing Seawater Intrusion. Intrusion is an event of seawater seepage into the soil layer resulting in mixing which results in the groundwater stock unusable. This happens because a lot of rainwater is diverted to the sea. The area that has the most impact on sea water intrusion is the coastal area.
• Prevent land subsidence. Reducing the groundwater stock will cause land subsidence or land surface (collapse), so that the absorption wells can increase the groundwater stock.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has carried out many civil constructions to deal with floods, such as building culverts and building ponds to constructing infiltration wells. So you can entrust this work to us.

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