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Services Description Cheap Concrete Kanstin Structure Manufacturing Services in Medan

The concrete canister is a type of precast concrete in the form of a block with one of the corners being blunt. This concrete channel is used for the sidewalk divider with the highway. You often see it on the black and white highways. This concrete canal is also often used in parks to separate the walking paths from areas of green plants or grass.
In addition to the standard form there are also types of concrete cans, namely:
1. Upright Concrete Kanstin Type. The shape of this kanstin is like a brick with the top having a slope of 80.5 degrees and one of the corners is obtuse. This type is divided into 2, namely upright horizontal and upright non-horizontal.
2. Type of Oblique Concrete Kanstin. This canister is similar in shape to the horizontal upright concrete cascade but the upper part is smaller and the front side is tilted like a dam wall.
3.Concrete Enhancing Kanstin Type. The shape is almost the same as the upright concrete kanstin, only the difference is that it is shorter.
4. Connecting Concrete Kanstin Type. It has a variety of shapes when seen from the previous 3 forms, this concrete cannula has 3 forms that connect 2 of the 3 previous forms of concrete. The equation is that the left side of this connecting canstin is the same as the previous 1 form of the canstin and the right part is the same as the other types of concrete canstin.
Many types of precast concrete made and offered by CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa, and among them are Concrete Caster. In addition to selling concrete castles, we also provide molding services for these concrete castors with metal plate materials. The price we offer for concrete castin is in accordance with the quality as well as for the printing we will make it quickly without reducing the quality.

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