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  • Jasa Pembuatan Struktur Box Culvert Beton Murah di Medan
  • Jasa Pembuatan Struktur Box Culvert Beton Murah di Medan

Services Description Cheap Concrete Culvert Box Structure Manufacturing Services in Medan

The precast concrete structure Box Culvert is a type of precast concrete which is almost the same as the buis culvert, except that the box culvert is shaped like a box with empty upper and lower sides forming a square pipe. Box culvert is made of reinforced concrete. The function of the box culvert is the same as other concrete drains, namely as a stronger water channel.
Our manufacturing standards consist of:
• Use of wet cast or wet print production methods which have high vibrations.
• Use of U-50 type bone steel.
• The concrete used is K350.
• The mold is made of a steel plate that can be assembled and assembled.
There are several uses of the box culvert, namely strength, cheap or economical prices and easy to find in the market. Box culvert sizes start from 4o cm to 4 meters. In use, this box culvert will be placed in the ground because of its strength.
Apart from being a box culvert drainage channel, it is also used as a support for short bridges for roads, culverts on the side of taya roads and railways, in pedestrian paths, it is also applied to underground water filling systems.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkaya can provide various types of precast concrete, one of which is Box Culvert at competitive prices with other suppliers in Medan. In addition, our company also provides printing of Cilvert Box with steel plate material.

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