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Services Description Construction Services for Cheap Culvert Buis Structures in Medan

Buis culvert is a ready-mixed concrete structure that has a shape like a pipe. This concrete buis has the main function as a water-conductive concrete structure, so that it is used in the construction of water channels such as culverts, irrigation to drainage from the level of construction of house wells to roads.
The following is an example of using buis in construction:
1. Concrete Buis to Build Wells
In the previous decades, concrete buis was often used to build a well in the construction of a house, but after the existence of a borehole that was more labor-saving, the use of concrete buis in making wells was no longer much. So now the concrete buis will be used to build infiltration wells.
2. Concrete Buis to Build Culvert
In the construction of the buis culvert is used in the form of a semicircular pipe so that it looks like a U-section. The diameter of the buis is smaller than that used for the well. This concrete buis will function as a soil coating to make it stronger and easier to distribute water and also more durable.
3. Concrete Buis for Irrigation
This bus has a complete shape like a pipe with a diameter similar to a culvert buis. This buis is considered the best method in waterways because its closed shape protects the water that flows through it, and its price is more economical than using other methods making this buis a popular choice.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a construction company that has been around for years, with many buildings and projects that have been carried out. One of them is the construction of the culvert buis structure. In addition to construction services, this company also provides construction services for sewer moldings.

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