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Services Description Cheap Concrete Fence Structures Manufacturing Services in Medan

Concrete fences are concrete molds that have 2 forms, one that forms a rectangular panel and the other forms a pole with hollow columns on the right and left.
In its manufacture, the concrete panel fence is made with a mixture of cement, sand and water and other chemicals as an enhancer of the quality of the concrete. Concrete fence construction is made by erecting concrete poles and then stacking concrete fence panels between the posts to a specified height, usually as high as the mounted posts.
In addition to the plain concrete fence, there is also a concrete fence that is patterned with carvings to enhance its appearance. In terms of the quality of the concrete fence, it is judged from the material used when it is made, usually types K225 and K300
The advantages of using a concrete fence are:
• Easy and fast installation process.
• Has high rigidity.
• The price is cheaper than ordinary fences.
• Can be assembled and assembled.
• Easier to care for because it won't rust.
For its function like a normal fence, the concrete fence serves to protect the area it surrounds and as a barrier to the area. Another function of the concrete fence is to visually protect the area surrounded.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa, apart from being a building construction, also provides services for making concrete fences and also for building concrete fence structures. The price offered by us is fairly cheap without reducing its quality.

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