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Services Description Cheap Concrete Udit Structure Manufacturing Services in Medan

The structure of the concrete Udit is a U-shaped form of concrete which is given a frame in the form of iron. The material of this concrete structure consists of a mixture of gravel, sand, cement, aggregate which is combined with water as a binder.
Udit or U-ditch, which is a type of reinforced concrete structure that has a U-section shape, is often used as a water channel for drainage or irrigation and so on. This reinforced concrete structure is also often sold with a cover or cover. The height of this section varies according to the desired channel depth
In making it, it will go through several processes, namely:
• Preparing the formwork or mold, namely molding for reinforced steel, in this case of course the shape of a U-section, this print is usually made of steel plate and has the property that it can be dismantled and installed.
• The process of mixing materials, there are 2 processes in it, namely the process of weighing the materials and materials to find out what percentage of each material is measured in order to determine the quality of the resistance of the concrete structure, then the mixer or mixing process, in this process it is carried out using a mixer.
• Slump Flow testing process, in this process the results of the mixing of the concrete will be seen and assessed for quality so that its resistance can be assessed when the concrete structure is completed.
• Casting and Compaction, as the name implies, is the process of pouring a concrete mixture that has been made into a mold or mold which is then solidified by performing 2 vibrations.
• Finally, the treatment or curing process, this process is carried out after the concrete mixture in the mold has dried and hardened, the curing process is carried out by observing and ensuring the quality of the print has reached the desired quality.
Apart from the construction of CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa also provides concrete structure building services and concrete molding, one of which is Udit Beton as part of the construction. With good quality printing results and fast manufacturing, our company is often trusted in the workmanship in this field.

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