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Services Description Cheap Greenhouse Manufacturing Services in Medan

Greenhouse or greenhouse is a building that is provided for growing crops from a nursery to a plant that can be cultivated. It is called a greenhouse because almost all of the buildings are made of sheet glass, both walls and roofs, the goal is that the building can absorb sunlight for plant growth inside as well as to avoid pests that are outside. The other benefits are as follows:
• Can maintain crops in every season.
• Produce a lot of quality crops.
• Can carry out the cultivation of plants in it organically.
• Protect plants from outside pests.
The surrounding climatic conditions determine what kind of greenhouse is built, there are 2 types of greenhouses, namely:
1. Tunnel Type, this type of greenhouse has a dome-like shape, that is, the roof and walls are joined as a half-spherical structure. Generally built in areas with tropical climates.
2. Piggy Back Type, this type of greenhouse is shaped like a house with open and closed vents on the roof. This greenhouse is also often called a tropical green house which is also often made in tropical climates.
3. Multipan Type, this greenhouse is in the form of a combination of 2 previous types with a rectangular area building and a semicircular curved roof that looks like a warehouse or factory. This greenhouse is used for large-scale agriculture because the building is more robust and economical.
In meeting the needs of clients for buildings. CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has provided complete equipment to support the expertise of its workers so that it will produce quality buildings, as well as for constructions such as greenhouses. The contractors will produce quality and good buildings.

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