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  • Jasa Pembuatan Pintu Air di Medan

Services Description Water Gate Manufacturing Services in Medan

The climate in our ropis country makes the rainfall in the land of our archipelago higher and if there is no handling of irrigation and high waterways, it is prone to flooding. For this reason, it is necessary to build a water channel with a good system. A good irrigation system will have a sluice gate as well as a sluice dam is also needed. So the floodgate is a tool for controlling the flow rate of water flow which is usually installed in a water channel or dam.
In addition, water gates are also used in irrigation systems for rice fields, where the primary water channel will be divided into 2 or more secondary channels so that water can run throughout the rice fields.
There are several types of sluices, along with their explanations:
• Single Horizontal Sluice Gate is a sluice gate with a rectangular shaped door and opens it by turning the steering wheel on top of it which causes the door to be pulled upwards by one iron axle.
• Single Gearbox Sluice, the shape of this sluice gate is similar to the previous one, which is different in that it uses a holder that has a gear that is connected to a ship-like steering wheel, this causes the power required for towing is smaller.
• Double Gearbox Sluice, the same as a single gearbox floodgate that uses a gear, only the difference is that this sluice gate uses 2 axles which are connected to 2 gearboxes between these gearboxes there is 1 other gearbox connected to the steering wheel. The sluice gates are usually wider than the single gearbox sluices.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has experience in making and installing various types of sluice gates as previously described. So that our company has been trusted in working on the sluice project.

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