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Services Description Cheap Steel Bridge Manufacturing Services in Medan

A bridge is a traffic facility in the form of a steel construction that connects two lands or two places that function as transportation routes to cross rivers, lakes, rivers, roads, railroads and so on.
The width and strength of a bridge are made according to its use, whether the bridge is used only for pedestrians, for light vehicles such as motorbikes and cars or for heavy vehicles such as trailer trucks that weigh several tons, there are also bridges for special transportation such as trains.
As previously explained, the useful function of a bridge also affects the materials used to build a bridge. Steel bridges are used as crossing facilities for heavy vehicles so that the bridge can stand firm for many years. A bridge is built based on six major parts, namely:
1. The foundation or bridge brace.
2. The lower part of the structure that functions as a support for the bridge connected to the foundation.
3. The runway which is the bridge body used to cross.
4. Oprit is the connecting part between the two landmasses and the bridge body.
5. The upper structure is part of the bridge that receives direct loads.
6. The safety structure is the parts that are intended to protect a bridge.
To make a bridge requires experienced skilled workforce and quality materials so that the resulting bridge will be sturdy. Therefore, for those of you who need bridge construction services or need materials to build a bridge, you can contact us, CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa. Because we have expert workers who are experienced in building a steel bridge.

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