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Services Description Cheap Paving Block Installation Services in Medan

Paving block is a building material as an alternative to cover and harden the soil surface made of cement, rock ash, water, fine and coarse aggregate. Paving blocks have another name, namely concrete blocks or concrete bricks. Paving blocks have many advantages over other ground cover building materials, namely:
1. The surface texture, which includes various styles, colors, shapes and sizes, makes the ground surface more beautiful and attractive.
2. Its ability to absorb water for daily needs makes the soil where we are located will maintain its groundwater availability.
3. The absorption of water into the soil is better than asphalt and readymix concrete because there are cavities when installing paving blocks.
4. The mass of the paving block, which is lighter than asphalt and cast concrete, makes the paving block the main support so that the building foundation remains stable.
The general benefits and functions of paving blocks as a hardener and soil compactor are often used in industrial areas, housing estates to parking lots. For the price of paving blocks, it is influenced by factors such as:
• The quality and strength of the concrete quality, the better the quality, the more expensive the price.
• The distance and proximity of shipping transformations has always been a determining factor in pricing.
• Amount of purchase, generally there will be a discount when buying large quantities. The more, the bigger the pieces.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa provides sales of all types of building materials including these paving blocks in various sizes and shapes as well as varying qualities. The services we offer in installation are also relatively inexpensive so that they can always provide satisfaction to consumers.

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