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Ceramic floor is a building material covering the surface of the building both floors and walls in the form of tiles made of glazed clay. In the market, there are two types of ceramics for building construction, namely porcelain and glazed ceramics.
Porcelain tiles or ceramics are made by grinding and mixing materials such as feldspar, clay and quartz sand after which they are dried. After drying, the material is pressed into tiles and dried again before burning above a temperature of 1250 degrees Celsius so that it becomes hard but not brittle, finally cut into pieces according to the desired size. For glazing ceramics, it is formed by mixing clay material with kaolin and burning at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius after which the results are immersed in water, the last coating is carried out on it.
Ceramic floors have several advantages including:
1. Make the floor more durable because ceramic can hold water.
2. As a ceramic floor coating can make the floor tougher.
3. Ceramic surfaces are easier to maintain.
4. The beauty of various ceramics is the main attraction of ceramic floors.
5. Presenting the beauty of the building with its various motifs.
Many motifs and colors displayed on ceramic floors make it popular with many people, there are 2 types of ceramic floor surfaces, namely smooth and rough ones. Usually ceramic floors with smooth surfaces are placed inside the house while ceramic floors with rough surfaces will be used outside the room or in the bathroom so that the floor is not slippery.
In addition to CV installation services. Antara Jaya Perkasa sells a wide variety of building materials including ceramics of various colors, motifs and sizes so that clients can determine what the floor of their building will look like.

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