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Gypsum board material is a building material that is used as a material for coating ceilings or interior walls. The advantages and advantages of using gypsum compared to ordinary wall plaster is that it has a shape that is dry when it is very easy to install, that's also why gypsum is also used as a room dividing wall or room partition by replacing plywood. Its use is also easy to not be disturbed by the weather and dries faster than traditional plaster.
Other benefits that are obtained when using gypsum board are:
• The price is cheap and easy to install.
• Repair and maintenance is also easy.
• The stress on the wall structure is lighter because it is lighter than the plaster wall.
• Fire resistance of gypsum board.
There are several types of gypsum board on the market from various gypsum board brands, the types are:
1. Type X, is a gypsum board which has high resistance to fire and heat.
2. Vapor Barrier type, is a gypsum board that has high resistance to moisture because it is equipped with foil.
3. The waterproof type, is a gypsum board that is widely used in bathrooms because of its high resistance to water.
4. Exterior type, is a gypsum board that is used for outdoor parts such as soffits and roofs because of its resistance to weather.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa also accepts gypsum installation requests and also provides various types of gypsum for various construction purposes.

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