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Services Description Cheap Reservoir Construction Services in Medan

Reservoir is a place for storing large amounts of water in the form of a large pond. Some reservoirs are made naturally and some are man-made by building dams so that the water flow stops so that the water in the reservoir can be used when needed. The size of the reservoir is bigger than the embung although it functions almost the same as a water reservoir when there is excess water due to high rainfall.
There are many uses of reservoir water such as for clean water sources, irrigation, fisheries, or for use as material for electricity generation and so on. Based on the functions contained in the reservoir, there are 2 types of reservoirs, namely:
1. A single purpose reservoir is a reservoir that is built and used for one purpose only. Examples are reservoirs for irrigation and reservoirs for hydroelectric power.
2. Multi-purpose or multi-purpose reservoir is a reservoir that is built and used for many uses and purposes, usually this reservoir is large according to the large surrounding needs for water. For example, a reservoir whose water is used for many things such as irrigation, clean water for residents and hydropower sources.
Over the years in construction services, CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has built many water and irrigation facilities, one of which is the construction of a reservoir. So it is not surprising that the company has experienced workers in reservoir construction.

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