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Services Description Cheap Pond Construction Services in Medan

A pond is a facility in the form of an aquatic habitat used for breeding fish or other aquatic animals. You could say that the pond is an artificial fish pond that is usually made in coastal areas. Therefore, ponds are usually filled with sea water and for the cultivation of marine animals.
In order for the quality of marine animals in the pond to be high, it is necessary to make embankments or pond embankments, namely by separating the pond ponds as well as to hold water. The requirements for a good embankment are as follows:
• Strong and able to withstand water pressure at maximum height inside the pond.
• Able to withstand the roar of waves and water pressure coming from the pond laur.
• Can withstand avalanches.
• Can withstand leaks or seepage from inside and outside the pond.
The embankment structure is as follows:
1. The Quarantine Plot is a place to collect good and quality water. For the breeding of marine animals such as shrimp and others it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the water as well.
2. Water Distribution Channel, is a channel to deliver the daily water needed by the enlargement plot.
3. Enlargement plot, is a plot where the cultivated animals are located.
4. Sludge Plot, is a place to collect disposal results from the enlargement plot.
5. Biofilter Tandon Plot, is a plot where it is naturally filtered for diseases that may arise in farmed species. For example, shrimp farming will place predatory fish on this plot to prey on disease-transmitting pests in shrimp.
6. Waste processing plot, is a piece of equipment that has the function of collecting manure from livestock species in the enlargement plot.
7. Pond bottom elevation, this section is located in the drainage channel to facilitate water treatment and sludge disposal.
8. Central Drain, located in the middle of the enlargement plot, which is the water drainage system in the plot.
9. Monik Door, is the door to drain water.
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