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Services Description Cheap Civil Construction Services in Medan

With the flow of the times, many infrastructure and public facilities have been built throughout the archipelago. These buildings such as airports, river bank construction and so on, this is what is called civil construction. So civil construction is a public facility construction service carried out by contractors at the request of the government.
Many urban planning problems such as flood prevention, green areas, congestion and others make the government need a civil contractor to solve the infrastructure development problems needed to deal with these problems. Usually, the government will conduct a project auction to contractor entrepreneurs or appoint a contractor company directly.
Experience possessed by employees of CV. Between Jaya Perkasa and the completeness of the equipment make our company often considered in civil construction issues in the area of ​​North Sumatra.
Some examples of the work of this civil contractor are:
• Ports, namely building port facilities such as docks and shipyards or any repair and maintenance projects in case of damage.
• The bridge facility, which is one of the important infrastructures, is also often used as a project because as a means of crossing areas separated by waters such as rivers and others, it will certainly improve the economy of the area.
• Pipelines, as a country with a tropical climate, the rainfall in Indonesia is very high, so it is not strange if floods occur especially if the city planning cannot accommodate rainfall. Therefore, pipelines or drains are a means to overcome this problem.
• Infrastructure for transportation, this is the most frequent construction project due to the increase in population, there will also be an increase in transportation users, so that repair and renewal of vehicle lanes are also needed, such as roads, toll roads, airports, train stations, railways, and its kind.

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