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Services Description Cheap Home Construction Services in Medan

The house is a human dwelling place that functions to protect its owner from all natural threats outside such as hot sunshine, rainwater, wind and so on. In addition, the house must also be a comfortable place to live for the owner, both in terms of the functional parts of the house to the aspect of beauty, namely interior and exterior design.
For some people, the comfort of home lies in the surrounding environment, both safety and cleanliness and the beauty of the surrounding environment. For this reason, some people will build houses in certain areas from the depths of the forest to the edge of a cliff or ravine. Each house building is built according to the geographical conditions of the land and the designs required will also make the house appear in different styles.
Because of the many factors that influence the formation of a house, here are the types of houses in Indonesia.
• Landed House
• Town House
• Clusters
• Single House
• Kopel House
• Apartments
• Condotel
• Flats
• Shophouse
• Home Office
• Boarding house
• Rented
• TOD occupancy
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has been a construction company for years, many houses have been built by its workers. With all the equipment and experience that we have, our company can make all the wishes of our clients come true, we also have construction material supplier services so that clients can save construction funds to make it cheaper, of course without undermining the quality of the buildings we make.

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