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Services Description Quality Wooden House Construction Services in Medan

The construction of a wooden house is a house built with wood and also uses a bearer frame structure system in its construction. This building will use the notch joints of the wooden frame structure which are fastened using nails.
There are several types of foundations in building wooden houses, namely:
• Wooden house with umpak foundation.
• Wooden house with continuous foundation.
• Wooden house with pile foundation.
For some characteristics of wooden houses are as follows:
1. The shape of the house is square and symmetrical. Wooden houses are almost always square and of course siteris because otherwise the structural load will be side by side and cause the house to collapse easily because the symmetrical plan will be the center of stiffness and strength and the center of mass of the building will be located at one point.
2. Using a mechanical coupling device. The types of tools that are generally used are bolts and nails and are equipped with iron plates of various sizes and shapes. Due to the ability of wood to change shape due to the load received, the use of a connection tool will lead to damage to the bolt or nail (connection tool).
3. Using the pangaku system. This system is often used for traditional Japanese house building. There are 2 types of recognition systems namely shear wall and diaphragm.
4. Strong anchoring or restraint system. Is a system for fastening wood to a concrete foundation that is planted into the ground using the anchoring method.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has been a construction company for several years and has been entrusted with building many types of buildings from minimalist buildings to luxury multi-storey buildings, from steel frame buildings to wooden buildings that have been successfully erected. Wooden house construction has also been built. So if you need wooden house building construction services, you can contact us.

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