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Services Description Dome House Construction Services in Medan

Dome houses or Teletubbies houses are earthquake resistant houses. Dome houses are residential houses that are round dome or semicircular. Which is designed as an earthquake resistant house, like its function, this house is usually built in an area that is responsive to earthquakes. The Dome House was built following the concept of the Eskimo house in the North Pole.
The structure of this dome house is generally divided into 3 types, namely:
1. Single structure, namely a dome house with a frame in the form of a single pipe consisting of a flat frame, a bracing frame, an upright frame and a secondary frame.
2. Truss structure is an upright structure that supports the web dome or dome structure.
3. Web Dome is a dome-forming structure based on upright frame structures, secondary frames and also a flat frame made to resemble a net.
For aesthetics, the material that is made as a frame is galvanized pipe. The key to this earthquake-resistant dome house is the use of lightweight materials such as Styrofoam with a sturdy construction. This dome house has 2 layers, namely the inner layer and the outer layer between which is the building frame. The advantage of the construction of a dome house is that there is no weak point of the building which is usually a link so that the building can withstand shocks.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a company engaged in construction for many years. They have built many types of buildings such as this dome house. This earthquake-resistant house is built in a complex shape in an earthquake-prone area.

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