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Services Description Joglo Beautiful House Construction Services in Medan

The Joglo house is a traditional Central Java building, generally the joglo house is made of teak wood. This building is also often used as a pavilion. In the building structure, the roof of the joglo house is supported by the main pillar called the Soko Guru, which consists of 4 poles. The philosophy of these 4 poles is a symbol of the influence of the forces of the 4 cardinal directions. This building uses the method of hooking the joints between logs in its construction.
The main structure of the joglo house has a rongrongan structure, which consists of:
1. Umpak is the foundation of the joglo house building.
2. Soko Guru is the 4 main pillars in the middle of the building.
3. Plumbing is a stabilizer to withstand the pile construction from shocks.
4. Sunduk Kili is part of the fastener to lock the joint hooks of wooden beams and poles.
5. The drag is a beam connecting the ends of the poles on the joglo house frame which is linked to the blandar, this section also has a stabilizing function.
6. Blandar is a term for wooden blocks.
These six main structures will support a structure called an intercropping. Tumpangsari itself is formed with an arrangement of blocks that form a pyramid. Tumpangsari has 2 parts consisting of Elen and Elar.
a. The elen is placed in a circle in the sledge beam. Serves as a roof supporting ceiling structure that sticks up like a hill. Elen will be an odd number of between five, seven or nine.
b. Elar is placed in a circle outside of the rodent beam. Serves as a support for the usuk and the edge of the roof structure. Has an odd number of between three or five.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a building construction that has been operating for many years, so that many of the buildings we have built are like traditional wooden houses for example joglo. For this construction we have specialized workers who are experts in the construction of wooden houses.

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